The Kadwa Patidar Samaj of Georgia:

  • Is an informal organization to serve the needs and goals of the members of the community.
  • is part of the larger non profit charitable organization of the Kadwa Patidar Samaj of North America
  • started in 1987 with a handful of families
  • has been growing exponentially since its inception
  • organizes events such as Diwali party, holiday party, and picnics
  • supports affiliated organizations such as the Gujarat Samaj of Atlanta
  • drafted and adopted the KPSGA Constitution in 2004


The objective of forming this organization is to promote and preserve the
Gujarati culture and traditions and to create a brotherhood and friendship among people
with charitable, educational, religious, social and cultural objectives by providing a common
meeting ground to its members and to foster relationships with other similar organizations.
The KPSGA shall undertake and carry on any activities incidental and necessary to the
underlying purpose of the aforementioned clauses and which at all times will be abiding to
the primary purpose of the KPSGA.

Next Event: 

 Picnic: TBD

 Diwali Dinner: TBD.

Committee & Contact Information: 

KPSGA committee members list:

Lav Alondra404-819-9140LAVPATEL83@YAHOO.COM
Samir Dadhania678-525-3460PATELSAMIR36@GMAIL.COM