Patidar Cultural Association of USA

(Non-Profit Organization, Tax ID # 22-3031050)

32 Stevenson Drive, Marlboro, NJ 07746

Tel: (732) 761-9829

PCA of USA is the largest local chapter of KPSNA representing about 50% of membership. It has been in existence since 1988 and represents New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut. PCA of USA is also most active chapter. PCA of USA has successfully hosted 2002 KPSNA Convention.


  1. To motivate and preserve the Indian culture and religion among: The Indian community, the community at large and the fraction thereof that are interested in advancement of the culture.
  2. To exchange the ideas between American and Indian culture with the desire to bring about better understanding between these two cultures.
  3. To promote education activities and help non-profit education-related institutions at home and abroad for better education of the younger generation.
  4. To receive and administer funds for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the I.R.S. code of 1954.
  5. To accomplish aforementioned goals the PCA shall gather resources by means of fund raising programs, receiving donations and investments in areas for further growth and membership fees.

PCA Executive Committees

Kiran Ghodasara (President)

Manu Dadhania (Vice President)

Sanjay Jagani (Secretary)

Laxmikant Makadia (Joint Secretary)

Prakash Govani (Treasurer)

Bhavesh Patel (Vadalia) (Joint Treasurer)

Ratibhai Marsonia

Mansukh Makadia

Prajesh Patel

Vivek Kalola

Rajashree Govani

Subhash Tilva

Shilpa Kansagra (Premji)

PCA Subcommittee

Narendra Godhani

Julie Kansagra

Nita Ghodasara

Ramila Dadhania

Sudha Dalsania

Dilip Dalsania

Champa Sarodia

Vandana Marsonia

Dimple Jagani

Ketki Dadhania

Manisha Dalsania

  PCA Trustees

Hari Dalsania

Girdhar Sarodia

Kumar Kalola

Vallabh Kansagra

Jayant Dadhania


PCA of USA conducts following annual activities:

Navratri Garba

Summer Picnic

Annual Diwali Dinner

Next Event:

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