KPSNA Charitable Foundation, with grass-roots support of community liaisons, is working on several initiatives, which are closely aligned with our mission. Some examples of projects in India includes providing need and/or merit-based scholarships, distributing iron supplements to girls/women for hemoglobin improvement (anemia prevention), improved access to purified drinking water by installing Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, construction of toilets in villages, improving sanitation by providing waste containers, and supporting irrigation and water conservation by deepening reservoirs.

One of our core objectives is to build healthier lives through the prevention of disease by improving personal hygiene and sanitation. KPSNA organization members are campaigning tirelessly to inspire, educate and empower others regarding the importance of clean water, improved sanitation, clean communities, and disease prevention issues. We have provided tactical and financial support to run medical and surgical health camps to improve access for these services to the underprivileged masses. Our members have helped raise disease prevention and cure awareness through participation in health walks. Dedicated KPSNA volunteers have implanted themselves into educational institutions in order to improve the curriculum. We are working to ensure that kids growing up in remote areas in India have access to excellent state-of-the-art on-site and online education resources.

KPSNA is firmly committed to investing in education access, disease prevention, clean water, and proper sanitation,  a powerful combination that will bring everlasting changes in people’s lives.


Shree Vijapura Vidya Sankul, Sidsar, India

Shree B. H. Patel Kanya Vidyalaya, Gondal, India

Need-based Students Scholarship Program

Brilliant Students Scholarship Program

Sanitation Project

Clean Drinking Water (R. O. Plant) Project