In rural India, majority village people drink water directly from the ground and this water may have
many different bacteria which goes to the body and work against digesting process. One government
statistic said 45% disease are water born in rural India. It is a big issue, not just providing pure drinking
water, but also educating uneducated people importance of pure drinking water. There are 90%
women’s are anemic and the drinking water is a big part of this problem.
Since starting of the project we have installed 65 RO plants in different villages and boarding schools
with the majority fund from their village person who is living in the USA. This helped connect the person
to their native and work with village people to understand other issues as well.
We have matching fund from KPSNA, so anyone who would like to donate RO plant to their village;
KPSNA will match the 50% of the required fund, which is about $1500. We encourage donors to take
advantage of this program.