My Military Journey – Sandeep Makadia

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My Military Journey – Sandeep Makadia

Hi, my name is Sandeep Navinchandra Patel and this is a short story of my military journey.

It was the year of 2010 when I started having the urge to join the military for real.  Since I was little I have always admired soldiers, deep down I always knew I wanted to join the military whether I was going to end up in India or the United States of America.  My parents were of course a little worried when I decided to join the military however I knew they would come around eventually which they did.  My father, when he was young wanted to join the Indian Navy however his parents didn’t let him.  So I kind of feel like I fulfilled his dream by joining the military. 

So at the start of 2010 I started looking into the process of how to join the military.  At the time I had not thought of a specific military branch.  A recruiter at the community college I was going at the time helped me make the decision.  The recruiter was from the United States National Guards and he convinced me.  However, I ended up joining the United States Army Reserves.  On March 10th, 2010 I sign a contract stating I will protect the United States from all the foreign and domestic enemies at all cost, and this contract was for 8 years.  

I had come to the United States with my family in April 2007, not being able to understand or speak English so fluently.  And in June, 2010 I was taking orders from drill sergeants yelling in my face.  Not being able to understand the foreign (at the time) language so fluently had I worried the most during Basic Combat Training (BCT).  After completing the BCT I was headed to Advance Individual Training (AIT).  I had chosen to be a mechanic (MOS 91B) in the United States Army Reserves.  Despite the hurdle of not being fluent at English I had completed both BCT and AIT with flying colors.  The military also assisted me financially while I completed my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.  Throughout my 8 year career in the military all I really wanted was to get deployed overseas but unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to do so.  In despite of that my journey from Private Patel to Sergeant Patel in the United States Army Reserves was a priceless experience.  I am very grateful to have met so many wonderful people and to have learned so many things I would have not learned otherwise.  This journey will always be in life’s highlights.

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